Thursday, September 27, 2012

The News

One thing I miss, when I leave Houston for any length of time is my local news. I always watch the same news cast, and have come to feel like these guys are part of my family. Not one of them would know who I am, if I met them on the street...but I trust them , like them, and miss them when I am gone. Do you watch the same local news every day in your town?


  1. Hello:
    We have been without a television now for 30 years and have to say that we find it liberating not only to be free of the news channels but also everything else. It is true that on very rare occasions we feel that we may have missed out but not often. Of course, one wants to feel up to date but the news is so depressing these days as it only seems to mean bad news rather than good!!!

    1. Jane and Lance,
      I find that very interesting. ...and of course you are correct. Wee find it difficult to start and stop the newspaper delivery (with two houses). So, this is how we get our news. I think the weather report is our biggest interest.

  2. i actually do have an affinity for one local dallas station and their staff. :)

  3. WWII don,t really have a favourite Janey, I mostly listen to the news on the radio.

  4. News through the web, google yahoo etc!

  5. I watch the national/international news on our Dutch tv. Sometimes BBC, sometimes Germany and once a week the local. So I know everything! But if that makes me happy, I am not sure. The international news is mostly very ugly.