Friday, September 28, 2012

Where is Everyone?

I am bummed...seems every year, on our return from Colorado I find yet another store CLOSED. Some of course went out of business due to the lagging economy...but  I find more and more businesses in our area leaving for another reason. They are chasing the money further north. Our community is I guess, though I hate to admit it,  aging. Young people with big jobs are building new BIGGER homes north of us. I can't blame  business owners for following the money...But, not my favorite gift shop/consignment store! :(
I will get a hold of myself and be Miss Sunshine....maybe tomorrow.
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  1. Hello:
    of course one cannot halt progress, if that indeed is what it is, but, as you say, when some things move out of the community it can mean that some of the heart of the place has gone with them.That is sad.

  2. As long as your consignment shop remains, the town is in business. It is not much fun to see changes that you view as negative. Time changes so many things as we and our surroundings age!

  3. oh, i hate to hear that, too. i hate when pockets of the city 'age' as you said.

  4. So disappointing Janey, what can you do!!

    1. Not sure if there is anything I can do. Tonight at least, I am putting on a pretty face (that will take awhile) and going the the Centrum League Performing Arts Gala. Going to try and wear HIGH heels (first time in a looong time)....wish me luck. :)

  5. That sounds bad, you are going to live is a "sun city" in a few years.... Well here it is the same, people are getting older, we are a problem for the country. We cost too much because we don't work anymore, although we have paid for that during our 40 years od working. Young people think different than we.

  6. I hate it when businessess close , it always leaves a hole in your community.