Sunday, September 23, 2012

Long Day

Like I said, there was very little traffic....and unfortunately...very little to see. I took this through the windshield. We are going across the top of the Texas panhandle before heading south.
This is a Texas town I have never heard of. I really wanted to exit and find out if everyone that lived there was happy! Looked up online, and found out the town was named after Happy Draw. Happy Draw was named that because cowboys on wagon trains were happy to find water in the draw. A draw is an area of land where there are slopes on both side making it possible for water to pool.

*we are going home on a route that we usually don't order to see family in San Angelo.


  1. long day, but can you imagine traveling that route on horses w/ cattle? eek! :)

  2. Funny to live in "Happy". Does everybody look happy there too?