Saturday, September 29, 2012


                          It was nice to finish unpacking and go out for an elegant evening last night
 I am not sure why the  golf club still has the holiday lights on the Live Oak tree, but it made for a festive arrival.
The centerpieces were pretty. Some of the tables had vases of tall peacock feathers
And it was fun seeing my old friend Brenda. We have been buddies for nearly twenty years now. I know she always poses with her arm on her hip, so I tease her by doing it too. Fun night out. And my shoes look flat but they we three inch heels!


  1. You both look elegant and your jewelry is outstanding...both of you!

  2. you two look lovely! i'd not have had the energy to get dressed up OR go out. :)

  3. great post, 3 inch or not, elegant is the word

  4. Wow, that is a change from the mountain girl to the citygirl, love it.