Sunday, September 30, 2012

Modeling in Paris

Seeing my old friend Brenda last evening (yesterday's blog) reminded me of the wonderful girlfriend trip we took several years ago to Paris. We (five close friends) actually met monthly and made plans for the whole year prior. One of the things on our itinerary, was the Galeries Lafayette (free) Fashion Show. You really must do this, especially if you are there with girlfriends, daughters or granddaughters!

You need to simply make a reservation before you head to Paris...and take the email confirmation with you.
The models were all tall and beautiful, the fashions...designer and they even served us a free soft drink!
but, the most unbelievable part. Was that they allowed our group of girlfriends(after the show) to walk out and pose for pictures on their runway. Yes this really happened in Paris!

*with all of our research, you would think I would know to wear a scarf! :(


  1. Hello Jane:
    Pretty enough to model, indeed! What a special moment to remember.

    Paris is such a wonderful city with so much to see and do. Every time one returns there is always something more to experience and enjoy!

  2. Great post, when I visited Paris we went to the store which was close to our hotel, but we didn't get to see a fashion show. What fun!

  3. That must have been a very nice trip to Paris. I always look in the departement stores at the fashion area and like to touch all the famous designer clothes.

  4. Ah, Paris! What can I say??!!