Saturday, September 22, 2012 more

Blue Mesa Reservoir..about 60 miles north of Lake City has been receding all summer, due mainly to too little snow fall this past winter. On it's eastern shore, these coral colored bushes are everywhere. This area is usually under water.
I have no idea what they are....sea weed doesn't grow in a lake does it?
I took these photos on Weds when went went to pick up a friend at the airport. Tom is use to me asking him to stop....when I deem something photo worthy.
Spent a very long day on the road to Texas today. I stopped as soon as we crossed the border in the smallest town I could find with a driver license's bureau. Mine expires tomorrow. That little Texas town was Dumas..Thankfully that will not be on my license! By the way it is pronounced DU MAS! :)


  1. laughing out loud! :) glad you are legal again. and almost home.

    although these pretty colors would be tough to leave...

  2. Haha, like the pronunciation guide... So glad that you stopped for photos as these are just gorgeous. The texture and colors look like a painting.

    BTW, did you figure out how to blog on your iPad while you were on your trip?


  3. That looks beautiful the pink colours. To have your drivers license so quick renewed, would be impossible here. It takes a few days here. But glad you managed.

  4. I can just imagine that mass of lovely pink swaying back and forth under water Janey, the top shot is beautifully composed.