Thursday, September 13, 2012

Favorite Things part II

 I know these have been around for awhile. ...but I have finally decided I like them. I am talking about the battery operated candle inside the lantern. They certainly don't make a mess, flicker like a real candle and don't have a heavy fragrance.
This one sits on our mantle, and even has a timer so that it comes on at the same time every evening. Which is great because the mantle is nearly seven feet off of the floor!
 They come in several sizes and cost about the same as a real candle. I am not sure how long the battery will last...but I will let you know. Have you tried these?
Our guests from Marl, Germany arrived about dinner time in a heavy rain. They were a bit tired having driven all the way from Green River, Wyoming. But, today is supposed to be sunny and beautiful (maybe a bit muddy). I wonder what adventure awaits us?


  1. hope you have that sunny day that you were expecting !

  2. i have not tried those. i hope you are able to get out and about with your guests!

  3. Can't wait to read about and see photos of your adventures! I hope that you will have good weather and limited mud...

    Love your stag with a rack - he is beautiful!