Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Ghost Town

We went 4wheeling yesterday. Tom, my brother-in-law and I rode up to a ghost town.

This is what is left of the old mining town of Carson. The town was named for the miner Christopher Carson who founded the town and the silver mine there, named  The Bonanza King. Back in the 1890's there were 400 to 500 people living here.These buildings where falling down
before the addition of new roofs.

You can walk through the old homes and stores. But walk softly...the floors seemed to be sagging.

There must be eight to ten buildings still standing. They sit on top of the mountain at nearly 12,000 feet

Too late for this one. This is what happens when the roof gives way. Looks like they have a Christmas tree growing in the family room!
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  1. Aare there any commemorative remarks as explanations on the site? I never quite got used to walking around and examining ghost towns. Perhaps it's just the label, but I always felt a kind of violation of the place when I've done it. Odd, huh?

    1. Our U.S government is responsible for saving them. I love to poke around...As Gina said "If walls could talk"

    2. Forgot to answer your question. No, there is no marker ...and needs to be. I will work on that!

  2. wow! it is kind of creepy. I do love the Christmas tree growing in the family room. It must have made for a good day of exploring. If the walls could talk...

  3. pretty neat! glad they're saving some.

  4. A ghost town always intriges me, would be impossible in our crowded country.

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