Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mine Entrance?

I can't tell you how many times I have passed this, and never noticed it..... even though it sits right beside the road! The reason is, there is a wonderful old red barn and pond on the other side of the road that catches your eye.(which I will feature that in a future blog). Someone had to call my attention to this ...and I was amazed to see it!!!...and I  actually thought that I was observant....

What is it you say? Well, when you want to know something in this little do not go to go to Grant. Grant is the president of our Historical Society, born and raised here, and also the editor of the newspaper. I was just sure that it was and entrance to an old mine..but Grant says" no". It is the doorway to an old underground potato cellar. He said as a child he went in there to buy potatoes and they would weigh them on an old scale.

. He has been trying to get the property owner to restore it, for historical purposes, and hopefully he will.
 I am amazed that after twenty something years here...I am still discovering new things!
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  1. I think that you are discovering new things because you have developed a photographers eye. I am always delighted to see things now that formerly I would not have noticed and passed by. Interesting story about the history of the potato "store."