Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Canyon

Yesterday, on the way to the grocery store we took a detour. We usually drive fifty miles north on Hwy 149, and then turn east on Hwy 50, for the last ten miles, into Gunnison. But, when we got to Hwy 50, we turned west along the Blue Mesa Reservoir, headed to the north rim of the Black Canyon, which is a National Park. The views on the drive were certainly worth the trip.

We spotted this Golden Eagle sitting in a dead tree, watching for fish in the lake.

The Black Canyon was formed by The Gunnison River as it snaked it's way west.

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Hard to believe, but they actually had a train running through the bottom of the canyon at one time.

My brother in law had never seen the canyon, which is why we detoured that direction....after a few photographs we turned around and headed east to the grocery store. Fun day.
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  1. Spectacular photos of the canyon. Nice to be surrounded by so much natural beauty.

  2. That looks so beautiful, I like that canyon very much. And that Golden Eagle you captured very well!

  3. What a great nature. Love to be there.


  4. Your last photo is absolutely spectacular!! Thanks for sharing :)