Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Hidden Waterfall

 On Saturday, returning from our hike, we came upon a couple trying to push their wrecked vehicle off of the road. The car would not start after hitting a large deer (may he rest in peace). We drove them into Lake City since cell phones do not work in that area. Thankfully neither were hurt.
While they were unloading their vehicle, I stepped through the bushes and discovered this waterfall cascading down into the river. Can't tell you how many times I have passed this spot and not seen this sight because it was hidden by foliage.


  1. Hello:
    How very unfortunate for the people with the wrecked car and how good that you were there to lend a helping hand which, we are certain, was greatly appreciated. And had this not been the case, then you would not have been rewarded with the sight of this wonderful, hidden waterfall.

  2. wow! beautiful falls! that was your reward for helping them. :)

    (your comment about the dairy cow this morning cracked me up!)

  3. That must have been a smash against the car. Lucky it was not you. But you did a great job to help them out the misery. And discovered a waterfall!

  4. They were so lucky Janey, the car is pretty badly smashed, it could have been so much worse I guess and what an amazing discovery you made here, fabulous.

  5. Interesting contrast---wrecked car and beautiful natural wonder.