Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Crafty People

I am sure you know some, or maybe you are one yourself? I am talking about crafty people.
My friend Betty made this pretty wreath out of wine bottle corks. Betty is also an expert knitter, a fabulous cook ...can climb a mountain, and or drive a four wheeler over it. Let's not forget she can entertain like Martha...oh and you don't want to go fishing with her either.....Did I mention she also likes wine.
Then there is my sister Polly, who whipped this up in one evening. She is also a great cook, entertains with ease, is an expect photographer, and a sleuth of a bargain shopper. Known for her humorous short stories....In her spare time, she is writting a book.


  1. The wreaths are beautiful! I do admire crafty people!

  2. The wine and books are more my style. I have a crafty sister and over the years, she fulfilled all my holiday needs. The wreaths are gorgeous, but I found one of large red Christmas bells and I bought it immediately before someone else did. Aren't I crafty?!

  3. you've got martha stewarts all around you!

  4. I am only ordinary - but I commend those who are extraordinary!