Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Magnolia State

If you are driving through the state of Mississippi, you will surely notice the magnolia trees. They are along the sides of the road, and even in the median in places.
This evergreen  tree ,with it's dark waxy green leaves is the state tree . It has large white flowers on it in the Spring and Summer, that are not only pretty, but fragrant.......and the state flower.

My great grandmother was born and raised in Mississippi. Her daughter (my grandmother), was born in Texas, but when she married in 1919 she chose a set of dishes with a beautiful magnolia blossom on it.
 I have her large platter.


  1. I lke those trees with magnificent flowers.

  2. The platter sounds beautiful! We had a magnolia tree at our house in Portland; it was beautiful.

  3. Isn 't it wonderful to have a piece of china that has been handed down?

  4. i love those southern magnolia blooms as big as your head. :) when folks in other regions refer to their tulip trees as magnolias, i always have to stop and remember there are other varieties. :)

  5. It looks like you're traveling, Janey. Have a safe trip. I have some of Bob's grandmother's old platters - I cherish them.