Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Surprise

Back in the Fall, I ran across a Picasso numbered print that I fell in love with. I really really wanted it and whined about it on this very blog. I kept reminding myself (and so did my husband), that we have many needs (with this new house), and shouldn't give in to wants. Oh, but it was so neat, a self portrait (sketch) by Picasso, and fellow artist Jaume Andreu Bonson in Paris, late winter of 1901. You could see the Eiffel tower faintly in the distance. I have to confess, I did go back a couple of weeks later, and thought,...if it is still there that means I should buy it. Sadly, it was GONE!
Well, the reason it was gone is because of this blog. One of my sisters read my post.... whining about it, and contacted two of my daughters. She then went over and bought it so that they could surprise me with it for Christmas! Talk about shock! I was floored.

Thank you sister Polly and daughters Stacy and Katy.
I love it.


  1. What a lovely present! How sweet of your sister and daughters to buy it for you, a real surprise!

  2. How absolutely lovely - what a great surprise, and it is a fine print to be the proud owner of.

  3. How wonderful that your whining did not fall on deaf ears. It is something to be treasured.

  4. Oh! this is the best story Janey!! Really!

    Oh, and I shan't pretend to be mildly envious of your gift, I'm downright jealous girl! ;)

    Enjoy it and the wonderful way it came to be your gift.