Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays

I have been busy enjoying my family this holiday season...but wanted my blogger friends to know that I wish you the happiest of holidays...You have been an important part of my life this year.....
In our house we make cookies for Santa Claus
Meet my helper...two and a half year old Hannah, who had a ball until she fell off of that little stool she was on!
She is fine...and the cookies are ready. Hope you are ready at your house too.

Celebrate!....and stay safe...Janey


  1. oh, such a cutie! glad she's okay. nothing a cookie wouldn't cure, i'm sure. :)

  2. How fun to have a helper! The cookies look delicious!

  3. Pleased that Hannah is no worse for wear, little sweetie.
    Now about this cookie business, I can see with raised eyebrows that I am going to have to lift my game somewhat if I'm to equal these creative and delectable delights. Oh! I know you must have more time than me to be this imaginative. That's it. ;)
    They cookies are wonderful, but the tradition of teaching Hannah is beautiful and the best part. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the blog so well and I hope you have something new for me to study.