Sunday, December 14, 2014

Party Time

This is the time of year when your calendar is usually full. Although, we are new in town, and don't know a lot of people, other than family. So, we were very excited to be invited to a party this week.
Summer friends, who are neighbors in Colorado,  invited us to their holiday party here (in Texas).
Betty, in the red, is the gal I recently wrote about.....featuring her wreath made of wine corks.
Last night was Saturday ..and usually a very social time in the month of December. ...but again there was nothing on our calendar ...since  are the new kids on the block. The Kimball Art Museum was having a party free to members (yep, we joined). Appetizers, a cash bar, band and  tours on the Impressionist Exhibit (from the d'Orsay  in Paris). So, we dressed up, put smiles on our faces, and braved the crowd. Tom and I laughed that these were the people who weren't invited to any other parties (us included)
and there really wasn't a crowd, although very few seats. I kept offering seats at our table to strangers looking for a place to sit. Met a young couple who had also just moved here: they were nice to talk to. Two friends...ladies about our had grown up in Poland...and another couple that sat down, but weren't interested in talking. 
This has been a very unusual holiday season ...But, we are going to get through it.
Alone in a sea of faces.... Merry Christmas!


  1. You are brave ones doing your best to socialize. We don' t know that partieing here around this time of the year. Only with the two Christmas days we have a diner with family or friends.

  2. good for you for getting out there. :)

  3. It can be hard getting to meet new friends in a new location. Sounds like you're making good progress though.

  4. I never turn down an invitation or chance to go somewhere. You make your own fun and sounds like you do, also.