Sunday, December 21, 2014


I don't know about you, but all of the rushing about.. is almost over around here. All I  need to do is pick up fresh fruits and veggies closer to the holiday. To tell the truth I have settled into a feeling of calm.
I have even been playing around with napkin folding. I saw this trick on the Internet (that is supposed to resemble a Christmas tree). Problem is, I have twenty three adults coming. I do have twelve green napkins and twelve red I may just do this. I need a bit of practice though. Wonder if I could get Tom involved?...I'll let ya know.

I also panicked (I do that a lot), when I realized I had six little ones coming, and a living room full of new furniture. So,I went out looking for Santa Claus cups with lids...but gave up after three stores. These will have to do. I am making  a kiddie a very light color!

I wish you were here to help me cook! I made fudge this morning, and will also make some orange/coconut balls on Tues. The day of, I will bake a pork loin coated in ground peppercorns, shredded parmesan cheese and rosemary. ...Along with it I will heat up a honey spiral sliced  ham; both for making little sandwiches on soft rolls. A pasta salad and fruit salad on the side. My sisters are bringing the appetizers. I will  make sure and photograph the dessert table for you :)

It is our custom to all (I have four sisters in the area), get together Christmas night....after all of the festivities in our own homes, or at our in laws, is over . It will all be very casual (except for my fancy napkins). Our daughter number five is in charge of figuring out some games to play. She is skiing in Aspen this weekend...I am keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn't get snowed in!

Are you busy this weekend? Tell me about your preparations!


  1. sounds like you're going to have a very full house! enjoy every bit!

  2. You look as though you are as prepared as you can be so sit back and enjoy the festivities.

  3. I hope you can relax when everybody is there to help you, enjoy the family time.

  4. Have you got room for one more Janey? It sounds delicious, and I can fold napkins...... :)

    1. It always gets me when two people each on the other side of the world are on line practically at the same time! Thanks for your good wishes and sweet words!
      See you next year! :)