Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I went to lunch yesterday with two girlfriends. No, I still don't have any "go to lunch friends" in my new town. These are two gals that also spend their summers in the little mountain town that we do, and happen to also live in Texas in the winter. We sure did have fun! I decided instead of photographing our food...It would be fun to show you our jewelry.
Kerry, who happens to be the youngest of the group (and very stylish I might add) Had on an eye catching necklace with three (faux) diamond  broaches. I think she said it was from J. Crew.

Betty, who loves anything vintage, had a custom made Christmas tree pin by San Antonio designer. It is made using tiny antique buttons....sorry about the blurry photo.

Then there is plain Jane (me) with my little jingle bell pin from Walmart. You know, we don't all have to be alike to be friends! Merry Christmas


  1. That is nice to see all the different "jewelry".

  2. That' a neat idea--very pretty pieces.

  3. Lovely jewelry, Janey. I enjoyed seeing it. I don't wear much jewelry, usually just watch and ring and maybe earrings...I need to upgrade my look and I know that carefully selected jewelry really jazzes up an outfit.

  4. all three are sweet. love that first one! stylish, indeed!

    (and what were you doing up at 4 a.m. this morning?)

    1. Ahh...I couldn't wait to read your blog! I have weird sleeping habits. Early to bed....and sometimes wake up at 4am. Can't help myself. My husband always says "you can't get up NOW" To which I answer " why not?"

  5. the faux diamonds are beautiful - am surprised that they're from JC Crew...(gotto look on line)

  6. All three are nice, but I like yours best- it is just my style.

  7. Love the Christmas tree - so festive.

  8. Do these pins in any way represent the wearer's personality? Hmm! I don't think so; would never describe you as "a plain Jane!"