Friday, December 12, 2014

The Perfect Tree

Are you tired of putting up your Christmas tree every year...year after year?
The perfect tree for all of my very literate friends!

as seen on facebook


  1. I saw a similar tree made of old books attached by their spines in a tree shape - it was window dressing in a store in Denver. So clever.

  2. That is a great idea - we have just received a christmas card done in a similar way.

  3. And what to do with all the other books, on the groundfloor?

  4. This comment is for your current post, but my comment wouldn't publish there, hung up at "Please prove you're not a robot," so I'm trying it here.

    Janey, just be sure to choose carefully. I love the look of vines on a house or wall, but some vines (even very delicate looking ones) will work their way into the mortar and do a lot of damage. But there are safe ones (don't know which ones or I'd tell you!) that will look just beautiful on that wall!