Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome to the South

Vicksburg, sitting on  cliff above the mighty Mississippi River is the first town you come to in this beautiful state;on Interstate 20 from Louisiana. We always enjoy stopping at their welcome center. It is a good place to stretch your legs, get a warm greeting, and a free cup of coffee.
There is a fireplace near the front door adorned by a manikin in what appears to be some sort of a Civil War Uniform,
and a parlor with yet more manikins, a lady and her beau.
Vicksburg was the site of a major civil war battle. The siege, forty seven days long, was a turning point in the war. The Union Army led by General Grant, captured Vicksburg, gaining control of the Mississippi River.


  1. Ah Vicksburg, I visited in 2008 the Battlefield Museum there and remember that iron rail bridge.

  2. interesting welcome center. definitely a southern flair.