Monday, December 29, 2014


Our youngest daughter, and husband are moving this weekend, so we are keeping little two and a half year old Hannah for four days. I had to laugh at the number of shoes her Mother packed for her,
mainly because Hannah's Mother has always had a love affair with shoes. I personally think she is now passing that along to her little one. What is that saying "The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree".

Do any of you have a love affair with shoes? (a nicer way to ask instead of: do you have a shoe fetish)?


  1. I love shoes too, they don't even fit in my closet anymore, I haven them in boxes upon and under my beautytable!

  2. That's a nice collection! I usually like to take an extra pair with me when I know I'll be gone for some time...and I do have about a dozen or so (or so = +) shoes at home. But most of them are very good deals I found at thrift stores, so they were irresistible!

  3. so cute. no, not me. :) barefoot as much as i can be.

  4. Oh of course, I do! I do! I didn't, but I do! now. And, I'm affectionately called Imelda some of the time, especially when I come home with yet another shoe box under my arm.
    Mm, someone should come up with a book titled "One hundred and one things to do with shoe boxes" a fortune is lying in wait. :)