Saturday, December 13, 2014


I don't know about you...but I am a very confused hostess. Use to you  had one, maybe two, showing up at a party that were vegetarian. To further confuse matters, some of those vegetarians were also vegan.

Then there was the low fat crowd followed by an army of gluten free folks....Now, there are folks who only eat Paleo. I have been scouring through recipes...and I am stumped. Do I just serve a plate of apples...Wait is it Paleo's  that don't eat white?...isn't an apple is white inside. Me oh my, what is a hostess to do?!


  1. and now try all the recepies.


  2. Invite me over--I'll be happy with whatever you cook! That should solve your problems ;)

    On the more serious side, I think there are some Paleo recipes at . I know that people who are on special diets (I have a sister who is vegetarian) really do appreciate when hostesses serve foods they can eat.

  3. i recently saw a very funny skit posted on Facebook about this very thing. Wish I could find it for you!