Saturday, June 11, 2016


Oh Give Me a Home where the Buffalo roam......
Oh I think I already sang that recently when I was talking about the Antelope, well here are the Buffalo.
We drove back down the the San Luis Valley yesterday, and I spotted this herd. Tom was already pulling over before I could yell "stop".
They all looked a bit shaggy, as they are still shedding their thick winter coats.
This guy was the only one who seemed to notice me.
If you are ever in central Colorado near the small town of Del Norte, watch for the pasture full of Buffalo.


  1. They really are big beasts - hope that there was a strong fence between you both.

  2. They really are magnificent animals.

  3. They are very impressive animals, I saw them when I was in the US, I think in the Yellowstone Park.

  4. I am working backwards to "catch up" with your posts and am astonished at how long it has been since I've been commenting! Buffalo has a long history in US!