Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Games We Play

Does your family like to play games? I know folks that actually have a game night.
I am not going to lie and say we are one of those families....after all my girls look at my blog on occasion....and they know I do not like to play cards or board games. I do have a cabinet full for visiting grandchildren and guests though...since we do have a rainy season .
I myself am more of a jigsaw puzzle fan
One game that we have all taken part in is baseball. We have for years headed down to the town park after dinner and played a game of baseball with this plastic bat and ball...afterwards having ice cream at the San Juan Soda Company
Well, we have a new option in town! I guess it is not new, since it was played in ancient Rome. Yep, that is a Bocce Court, or Bocci, maybe British Bowls...or is is Petanque? What ever you call it..
 I am ready.
Tell me about the games your family likes...or explain to me this new game in town, as I may have botched it's description. Janey


  1. Trivial Pursuit was one, Risk was another. Some Yahtzee, and there was also a Dutch game I can't recall the name of.

  2. i used to love playing games w/ my sis. no family here so no games for years.

  3. I always loved to play games. When I was a child I often played with my brother, Monopoly, Card games, Yahtzee. Helas I have a husband who doesn't like them and the children have gone. Now I use my IPad for Ruzzle, Wordfeud and Jigsaw Puzzle. So I am playing virtual. The ball game we call "Jeu de Boules" here and is becoming very popular by eldery people.