Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Our Lake

Many of you have already seen our lake, but I want to show it to those that haven't.
Our town  is named Lake City because of Lake San Cristibol ,which lies just 3 miles south of town. It is Colorado's second largest natural lake, formed over 800 yrs ago by a landslide damming up the river.
It is 2.1 miles long (3.3km), and up to 89 ft deep.There is a road that completely circles the lake, making for a beautiful drive. If you are lucky you will spot a moose at the southern end in the marshy areas.


  1. It's beautiful. Can you swim in it or is it too cold?

  2. Beautiful photo, I like those mountains in the background.

  3. And people say I am the photographer in the family. I am always impressed with your ability to frame a shot. Nice work!

    1. Wow thanks Polly. Coming from you, that is quite a compliment!