Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ther New Gallery In Town

Over the weekend we had a new art gallery in town have it's grand opening.

It is housed on our main street in an authentic 1870's building, the inside having been beautifully remodeled. The owner did not like the doors on the building, and  happened to mention it to the director of the museum. He said he had some historic old doors stored in the basement of the museum, and they were welcome to look at them. Well they fit perfectly....and were probably the original doors on this very building.
The Gallery will feature a visiting artist each week during the summer
and since we have very few accommodations available at that time, there has been an apartment installed in the back of the building. The visiting artist will be offered a free place to stay. I would say that is a pretty nice enticement....a place to show (and sell your art), and a week's vacation in paradise!
Pictured above, one of our local local artists, Ruth, and our visiting artist this week, Carol McIntyre who you can read more about : HERE