Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Time to Hike

It was so pretty yesterday morning that Tom had no trouble talking me into a hike.
We headed south about a mile beyond Lake San Cristobal.
Oh and just at the end of the lake...look right (or west). You guessed it Red Mountain.
We have arrived at the trail head of Williams Creek
It is always a good idea to sign in, so if they have to look for you (a sobering thought).
Looks like someone gave up on building a cabin.
I am not sure on my trees, but I think this is a Blue Spruce.
Proof positive that I went along on the hike.
Water crossing #1
Tom is usually this far ahead.
I am usually lagging behind, taking pictures.
He tried his best to convince me that a horse had been by. Looks like Bear poop to me. I can also smell a musky sweet smell around the next bend. You can usually smell a bear before you see them.
Lake City is in that deep river valley.
There wasn't any way to cross water crossing #2  ( for me anyway),so we turned back.
The road home runs alongside the river just before it empties into the lake.
At this point there are cliffs on the west side of the road.
I don't usually nap...but I did just that after arriving home. Thanks for coming along.


  1. I admire your hiking treks! Love the photo of Red Mountain.

  2. Beautiful shots! I'd enjoy living in those mountains.

  3. What a fabulous hike. Pity about the water crossing but what terrific scenery.

  4. What a gorgeous spot and fabulous sky - that is definitely not a horse poop!

  5. Pretty hike - looks like you still have spring runoff, too. That was bear poop!

  6. Those hikes are very adventurous overthere. I can imagine you took a nap, that is the age my dear :)