Monday, June 27, 2016

The Depot

On yesterday's blog you rode along with me to the neighboring town of Creede. We were to attend the opening night of the Creede Repertory Theater. Usually there is a dinner before, to kick off the season , but this year they just had a cocktail party.
It was held in their old train depot, which is now the town museum.
They had a nice buffet of appetizers, which was hearty enough to surfice as dinner.
There were all sorts of vintage stuff in the museum, including this old burial wagon...complete with a wooden coffin  inside.I was so busy visiting with folks that I hadn't seen all winter....that I will have to go back and see the things in museum.
 I was interested in this collection of old irons. Some I think you heated some on your wood stove, and maybe filled others with boiling water? Sure is a lot easier to iron now.
It was a treat for the Museum Director to tell us a little bit about his town back in the mining days.
There was some fun gambling going on on an antique roulette table, and some door prizes that were given away..
Later we all walked the three blocks to the theater and watched a wonderful production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels where you are not allowed to take photographs. Afterwords, the actors lined up on the street to shake hands with the audience. Sure was a wonderful evening.
The Creede Repertory hires around ninety young people from across the country to produce their wonderful summer productions


  1. I do like that old funeral wagon. I guess that's the musical version... I absolutely love the Michael Caine and Steve Martin film.

  2. Like the cloths people are wearing.


  3. Dearest Janey,
    That was for sure a very educative and fun evening with a good crowd as well.
    Love that museum as it is telling the stories from the past in that area.
    And the Creede Repertory is doing a great job by hiring ninety young people for summer production!

  4. That looks nice, lots of entertainment there.

  5. You summer folks really know how to have fun!!