Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Still on that Walk

For the last few blog entries, I have been taking you along on our morning walk.
We are now on the other side of the river (west). In case you have forgotten this is the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River. We are looking north... and that is the direction the river is flowing.
Around the corner we lean over the fence, to say good morning to Nash.
We have now arrived at the confluence of Henson Creek, coming in from the left , and the river. It is wonderful having both a river and a large creek running through town...and wait till you see our lake!
This is  the location where they have put in a small beach for those that can't get away to the tropics.
Continuing along the river (heading south), you can see that the river is slightly out of it's banks...which is normal in the Spring and early Summer from the snow melt.
This is in the same vicinity where the helicopter lands. That grassy area is actually the outfield of our baseball diamond. If someone is ill or injured in town, and our clinic thinks the person needs to be seen by a specialist, a copter is called in to carry them to a larger city......putting the game on hold!
Jumping ahead we have arrived downtown. Okay don't laugh...this is about it. The street is blocked off because a fun run was going on. If you want to transport yourself   back in time to a simpler lifestyle, cool summer temperatures, pot luck suppers, beautiful views. Not to mention hiking, biking, 4-wheeling and fishing.... This is the place!


  1. A lovely area to live in... and a cute doggie!

  2. The scenery is glorious, no wonder you love spending your summers there.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Love that clear blue sky and for sure that area is still unpolluted and very healthy for living!
    A quiet pace and simple life style indeed and that might add years to our life expectancy. Lately I have been driving back and forth to our Costco Hearing Center for Pieter and it takes me some 3.5 hours to drive all the way through Atlanta with often traffic jams. Coming back the last time I managed in 2.25 hours which was good. But you're exhausted from being super alert on those 18-lane interstates weaving through the city. ENJOY your time up there; it is a blessing.

  4. Very nice to walk with you while sitting in my chair and read about all the places you tell us about. A beach in the mountains, made my laugh.