Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Fundraiser

I know it seems that all we do is party here....well, that is apparently so!
My Tom is the Chairman of The Lake City Friends of the Creede Theater. So, once in the summer we hold a fundraiser here in little Lake City, and a few of the actors from Creede come over to give us a taste of the exciting summer season. I know I talk about this theater a lot...but it is really worth talking about! 
 Since over 100 folks need a lot of hors d' oeuvers. I made two trays of these salami cream cheese/horseradish roll ups.
96 of these mini pizza's
and a tray of fudge.
The ladies of Lake City also pitched in to make sure the table...which ran the length of the room, was full
for the hungry crowd.

In addition to their talented band, three of the lead actors of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels preformed. Pictured above is equity actor Joe Lehman who hails from Chicago, and plays Lawrence in the musical and Emily Van Fleet a very talented actress/singer from Denver who plays Christine.
One thing that caught my eye was this new invention to replace sheet music. This contraption, similar to a kindle displays the sheet music, listens to the musician, and flips the page automatically! How about that!
Speaking of inventions. How did I make so many mini pizzas? Well you just fill this thing up twice!
Okay on to the next party!


  1. I am impressed, not only because you are "a party animal" but you work hard to make these events successful!

  2. The pizza and fudge would suit me nicely!

  3. You makes that all yourself? They must be very happy with you returned for the summer season overthere.

    1. Yes Marianne, I did. Although Tom and I sat side by side making the roll-ups.