Thursday, June 8, 2017

First Hike of the Season

My husband is in his element. He dearly loves to hike, and does so weekly here in the San Juan Mountain range of Colorado with a organized hiking club
I usually do not go. I hike when we have guests that want to hike....but today I tagged along
That is me with the red bandana on my hiking stick. Tom took the picture. We had an interesting group. A retired Navy jet pilot, a retired airline  captain, a hydraulics company owner,superintendent of a school district and a geophysicist to name a few.
and off we go
You have to remember to look up, or you miss some views
Oh the name of this hike is Brush Creek. We follow alongside the south side of the creek. Sometimes high above it and sometimes right at creek level.

We had some high winds the other day, and I feel sure that is what brought this small tree down across the trail.
You can see part of our crew arriving down at the creek crossing. This is as far as we go. It is two miles to this point, which means it will be two miles back. Time for lunch.
and it sure tastes good after that strenuous walk!
 Time to head back. Why you ask is everyone so far ahead of me?
You guessed it, I am lagging behind taking pictures
of the few flowers I could find along the trail this time of year, at an altitude (appox. 10,000 ft).
Well that completes our hike, thanks for coming along!


  1. Nice hike, well done. here it is always flat, no hills. I woul like some hills, it is always nice for an overview or to walk down faster.

  2. What a beautiful landscape to hike in!

    Regarding your comment at today's post, the tulip bulbs are removed after the blooms, and replanted in the fall. Over the summer, the flowerbeds have different flowers and plants in them.

  3. Fascinating people to walk with. I feel I want to walk next to each person and have them tell me what they see around them and what they think. So different.

  4. Janey I know a retired Professor who would love to join you on this hike ☺