Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Our Guests

It seems most unusual to people that we have such a prestigious Chamber Music Series during the summer in this small town, but we do.Some twenty years ago the idea was conceived and brought to fruition, and continues today with the generous donations of about fifty or so underwriters. We have three concerts each summer.
Our first concert was last night. We were entertained by the talented MacLaren String Quartet from Colorado Springs.They were
accompanied for this concert by a very talented international pianist who hails from Brazil and has a doctorate in music from the University of Colorado.

Diego and his partner Nate happened to be our house guests while they were in town. Hopefully they got a much needed rest .. The  last couple of weeks had them preforming in Japan, Portugal, Spain, London and Colorado Springs, CO. Diego is not only a talented pianist, he graduated from high school at 14 years old, and college at 18 . He was also at one time a French teacher and speaks eight languages.
Nate gave me a copy of the picture of Diego preforming at the elaborate Joanina Library in Coimbra, Portugal.
We have a reception following the concert for the musicians and the underwriters. It gives us a chance to visit with the musicians and welcome them to our town. I was intrigued by the way the hors d' oeuvres were presented. Each person was invited to pick up a plate already filled with a tasty assortment of delicacies.
I hope that you too are having a good week.


  1. When the organizing is done right, a small town can really put on quite a show for something like this!

  2. I'm sure these concerts are one of the highlights of your stay Janey.

  3. I'm sure these concerts are one of the highlights of your stay Janey.

  4. What fun Janey to have all that talent in your place up there. That Coimbra Library looks so beautiful.

  5. Dearest Jeaney,
    What a respectful and classy group of summer residents you all are for pulling something off at this level!
    Diego no doubt was a child prodigy with such talents! One can only admire people of his caliber.
    Someone pulled of excellent presentation of canap├ęs for presentation during that reception. It no doubt did lift up the spirit of all attending!
    Hugs and Happy 4th of July,

  6. You have a wonderful collection of activities when you are at your summer home.