Monday, June 12, 2017

Frozen Flowers

Our destination on our weekend get away was  the annual Iris festival in Hesperus, CO. A very small place about 15 miles from Durango. Durango being the town where tourists flock to ride a very scenic steam train through the San Juan Mountains.
What we didn't know was that a late freeze had killed the iris's....and there were none. 
They were very apologetic and did have the bulb sale, which is always part of the festival.

Our trip was not a complete loss though. We went across the highway to see the highly rated B and B accommodations belonging to the same ranch which spans 200 acres.

The main lodge on the ranch was beautiful

and very colorful. I felt like I was in northern California.

We found all of the staff to be very friendly.
The main lodge has  hotel rooms, but on the property there are several houses for lease as well as casitas. I will post a few more of the pictures that I took.
One of the houses (or cottages) that you can rent.
I think you get the idea that we liked the place
and didn't want to leave
The view from those chairs
We did not have reservations , so we did go into Durango to stay overnight, and had a wonderful dinner at a place called Seasons. We do plan on making reservations on the ranch in August, for a couple of nights.
We can't wait to return!


  1. That looks a great place to be indeed. Love the interior with those stairs! And you two in the two seats, so cute.

  2. I can understand your wish to return it looks lovely

  3. There's not too much to be done about the weather unfortunately. Looks like you had a super time anyway Janey, you found a fabulous spot to return to, looking forward to seeing the pics ☺

  4. I know you had a wonderful time there. It's such a beautiful town and I love riding the Silverton to Durango train. Your photos sure brought back memories of time I've spent there! Hugs!