Monday, June 5, 2017

Morning Walk

As you have gathered by now, Tom and I are back in our favorite little mountain town (in Colorado), for the summer. Mornings here usually all alike. Sunny cool and beautiful. Perfect for a  walk.
First order of business is to drive down the side of the mountain to lower ground..There you will find a pedestrian bridge to cross the river.
taken from the pedestrian bridge
The Lake Fork of the Gunnison River flows through our little town. 

Across the bridge we turn south on Henson St. which parallels the river. This wide dirt road served as a landing strip for Texas oil men (back in the 1950's)...who were coming here for cooler weather and great fishing.
At the south end of Henson we pick up one of our many trails that run alongside all water ways in our town.
We have turned a corner on the trail and looking back toward the gazebo is the confluence of Henson Creek (above) and The Lake Fort of the Gunnison River.
Love this. The owner of a small strip center had no other land for a garden except at the edge of the fence.
Turning on to our main street.. Silver Street (how apropos for this old mining town), sits one of many of our original houses from the 1870's.
Our downtown sits on Silver Street. Pretty quiet for 9am in the morning. Things don't pick up around here until about mid June.
For those that were hoping for a glimpse at wildlife. Here ya go. You can't travel far without running into some sort of critter. Thanks for stopping by...Janey


For those that would like to keep up with a friend of ours who is walking The Camino de Santiago for the second time. This time with his 15 yr old grandson. They started this morning.

                                                      Ernie and grandson Eirik


  1. Janey, I left a message for you on my blog re. your question about Fitzgerald novels.

    1. Try this link, paying attn. to Themes, Motifs, and Symbols:

    2. Oh I like this link!. Thanks Kate.

  2. A marvelous landscape- and the deer (or elk) seems to like the shade!

  3. Great to walk with you ad that deer so cute with those ears, watching you.

  4. It's looking beautiful. We're not going out to Colorado this summer. I'm going to miss it. Have fun!