Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sure Looks Like a Bluebonnet

We have a wildflower that blooms this time of year in the Colorado Mountains
and it looks suspiciously like the Texas Bluebonnets (our state flower).

Here they call this flower Lupines. So, I did some research. The Texas Blue Bonnet is in the Lupine family ...or Lupinus. There are 200 different species in this family. The one Texas calls it's state flower is a Lupinus Texensis. This one...blooming in my yard (above) is a Lupinus Sericeus.

I found a statement that the Texas Bluebonnet would probably not grow at this altitude. On the other hand, it also stated that the Sericeus species would grow up to 7,000 ft. Hmm our little town, which is well below me, is at 8,661 ft. Proving yet again that Mother Nature has a mind of her own.

Update on Ernie and Eirik walking the Camino

They completed their first day walking 8.6 miles. Seen above wearing the red noses from a charity fundraiser done annually in the U.S. to benefit children. They report that there are 10 people on their tour. Mostly American with the except of a few from New Zealand. Tomorrow they must complete 11 moles.


  1. The range of a particular plant can surprise you. I found an Ohio Buckeye here that's north of its usual range.

  2. Colorado has some of the most beautiful wildflowers. I'm very partial to purple flowers of any kind.

  3. The lupine I know , we see them here too. The blue bonnet not. Ernie seem to enjoy the walk!