Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Let's Play Ball!

I am not sure if you call it bocce, bocci, or bowls as the British do? Then of course the French have a version called petanque. Whatever it is.. it is fun, and we now have a court in out little town!
Meet the red team (color of their balls) our friends Betty and Tony
 Then we have the green team. That is moi...and hubby Tom.

Our court in not packed down hard enough so we have to toss the ball instead of rolling it. Which I guess what we are playing is closer to pentaque.
The object is to get your ball as close as you can to this little yellow ball. At times we had to measure.
The Parks Department even installed a state of the art scoreboard.
The first game was very close...but the green team does not want to even discuss the second game :(


  1. I have seen it played here.

    It looks like you're enjoying it.

  2. The balls are rather bigger than petanque balls. But is is fun to play!

  3. Such a fun game Janey, whenever it's our turn to host the family Christmas lunch the boules come out, it can get a wee bit competitive 😊