Saturday, June 24, 2017

To The Grocery Store

Well, I should have titled this "To the Supermarket" because we do have two small grocery stores here in this little mountain town. Although, once a week or so, my husband and I head north about 60 miles where there is a larger town, and a supermarket. So why don't you ride along?
We like to head out at the first sign of daylight. Between 6:30 and 7:00 am.
For about half the way, the Lake Fork of the Gunnison river runs alongside,
and here comes the sun.
This is one of my favorite shots along the way and Tom agreed to pull over so I could get a better shot.
There are some pretty ranches along the way. The two cliffs you see are called the Gates. The road will curve around and go through them.
The sun is now hitting the one facing east.
The landscape changes north of the gates. As you notice the trees are thinning out. Stay with me. I told you it was a long way.
There in the distance you can see mountains still covered in snow, which is near the ski town of Crested Butte.
Well, we are almost there when we arrive at the Blue Lake Reservoir.
 The lake is quite blue when the sun is out. I by the way did nothing to this picture.
Our little highway ends at the lake. So we turn east on US50, passing lush pastures along the Gunnison River.
Look, there is an R.V. park where you can sleep in a tepee!
This is the first clue that you have arrived. Our whole county to the south has not even one traffic light.
See there still aren't many folks up.
So, what do we do in Gunnison. First stop is usually the hardware store
followed by Walmart. It is not a superstore. This is probably the smallest Walmart in the world.
Next door is City Market grocery store, where we carefully cross items off of our list.
Last stop is usually McDonald's for and ice cream cone to enjoy on the way home. Look, they are on sale.
So, even though I am spending the summer up in the hills in the most remote county in the lower forty eight. We do go to civilization once a week. Thanks for coming along!


  1. Well as nice as it is being high up in the mountains it must be most comforting to realise everything you need is not too far away Janey ☺ That was a most enjoyable drive!

  2. Thanks for sharing your ride to civilization! It looks beautiful with those views, glad you took only an icecream back and not such a huge burger :)

  3. A beautiful landscape to drive through.

    I haven't been in a McD's in years, but I doubt cones here can be had at that price!

  4. That a great journey you make every week.

  5. One of the best things about our country is the diversity of people, communities and topography. We are indeed lucky to have such beautiful spots. Back from our Alaska cruise. Perfect weather. Ended in Vancouver a city that captured my heart (and my pocketbook)! Missed all of you; come visit!