Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Memory

Amazing the things you come across when you are packing.

This scary old building, built early last century is Sam Houston elementary in Marshall, Texas where I attended the fifth grade.  I actually remember sliding down that tall fire escape during a fire drill. It was connected to Mrs. Broadstreet's classroom.
 Mrs. Broadstreet is one of those teachers that you never forget. She seemed to be ancient, but in reality was probably younger, at the time, than I am now. A very stern lady who scared me to death...and was determined that each and every one of us would not leave her class, without learning to diagram a sentence. 

A famous American journalist also attended this school  (a few years ahead of me) , broadcast journalist Bill Moyers...who supposedly said in an interview, that he owed much of  his success to his fifth grade teacher Mrs. Broadstreet.

Sam Houston elementary 1905-1981
lost to arson 2010
and completely demolished
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  1. It is a real trip through memory lane for you this move. The teachers who scared you the most, you learned the most of, that's true.

  2. Hello:
    The thought of sliding down that fire escape is rather terrifying and we wonder if it would pass present day safety standards?

    It is strange how some of those who taught one remain firmly placed in the mind for all time.

  3. Well, it certainly has had some classy graduates...both you and Bill Moyer!

  4. wow, she clearly made a lasting impression and had influence. :)

  5. Oh my! I lived in Marshall in the fourth - sixth grades. Let's talk. I was there for part of a year at Marshall Junior High School... amazingly small world!