Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Rest Stop

We had a beautiful day to drive yesterday...although there seemed to be a lot of road work going on, slowing us a bit.

I have been so pleased lately by the beautiful new "rest stops" along our Texas Highways! I also like that they all have their own personality. This one, near San Antonio, is constructed with white limestone which is plentiful in the area.

Spent last night in the pretty little town of Boerne (pronounced bernie) which is northwest of San Antonio. We will drive through the Texas hill country today all the way to El Paso....and on into New Mexico. It will be a long day...but there isn't usually a lot of traffic where we are headed. Hope to make it all the way to Las Cruces. We love road about you?


  1. That sounds good, New Mexico mmmm, sun shine?

  2. Our road trips with the exception of this week have been wonderful. We have been driving in soupy and rainy conditions the last couple days. Envy your trip through NM, a state I love and visit often. Perhaps that's where we should have gone this year!

  3. Love trips of any kind. Be safe and have fun. love all the rest stops, too.