Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just Waiting

 For the sun that is...Another blogger published a picture of her patio chairs up in Minnesota the other day. They of course were covered with snow. Mine are just sitting out in the rain...but rain is good . I keep trying to tell myself that, although the minute the sun disappears I start to groan.

The flu is everywhere at the moment, so to stay healthy and if you see the sun...send it down my way.
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  1. Hello:
    If we were to have outside chairs, then they too would be covered in snow. Here it is cold and bright and so we do sympathise with you and what must seem like endless rain.

    Happily we are now over the 'flu which came, went, came back and then finally went but not before some four weeks or so had elapsed.

  2. P.S.Thank you so much for the comment left on our post of today which appears now to have disappeared into the ether and, so far, we are unable to recapture it!!

  3. i am LOVING this rain! our pond needs it!

  4. Rain IS good Janey, I can't wait for some here.