Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's That Time of Year

Unlike other countries, France for example who has a once a year big sale, sales go on here all of the time. 

The biggest sales are at the end of a season, and especially the end of the year. I feel sure that the retailers are wanting to move stuff (sell) and increase their profit line for the year. I went out to the sales yesterday. But, for some reasons I always find myself looking at the new Spring things (not on sale) .
Have you found any great bargains out there?
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  1. Its the same here, I think France has the right idea, maybe then it really is a bargain that you get. here I sometimes think they just keep bringing out old stuff they're trying to get rid of. As well as the crowds, nope just not fun at all. I hope I didn't forget to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year Janey, I hope this one doesn't pass as quickly as 2012.