Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh Dear!

Well, last night was a long night. Our front yard this morning looks a bit like a crime scene. We were awaken last night by a neighbors phone call who was out late walking his dog. Seems water was gushing out of our front yard! Unable to stop the flow, by cutting off the water to our house, we called our local water company, yes in the middle of the night. To our surprise they were there within the hour with a crew and heavy equipment. They said that the main water line had burst and it was not our problem. They will repair it and all of the damage.

We are just thankful that it happened after our home inspection and appraisal, which both took place this week. Those that follow this blog know that we are in the middle of a move...
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  1. Hello:
    How very, very alarming. We are so pleased that this has turned out to be something less of a disaster than it might have been.

  2. oh, glad it wasn't your problem to fix or finance! and that is was after!!!

  3. well, it may seem strange to holler a "yahoo!" over a mess like that, but I am so happy for you that you neither have to trouble yourselves with the fixing or paying for it! Yahoo!


  4. Wonderful service and good that it will be taken care of ...!