Thursday, January 10, 2013

Will We Know When It's Time?

I have pictured a clock today, because it's time I want to discuss. I wonder if we will know when it is time to no longer live on our own? Or, does it creep up on us? Do we think we are functioning okay, when actually we are not? I am not talking about myself...I am worried about our 92yr. old neighbor, Dan, who lives alone. His wife Janet died ten years ago of lung cancer.....don't get me started of the tragedy of cigarette smoking.

Dan's car is being repaired, because he backed out of the driveway, and over our next door neighbor's curbside mailbox...that has always been there.. So, he takes a taxi to a car rental agency, and rents a car. Yes, no questions were asked. Guess if you are allowed to have drivers license you can rent a car ? He parked it in his garage. Locked it, and went to bed. Problem is he left it running. Thankfully it is a detached garage and the carbon monoxide did not drift into the house. He came knocking on our door to ask my husband to drive him the the rental car agency, because he had locked the keys inside the running car....which he didn't discover until this morning. He had also misplaced his wallet. His children all live a thousand miles away...they have begged him to move there. But NO he wants to be independent...and continues to live alone.

Sorry, I am just venting....I hope I know when it is time...Suggestions welcome.
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  1. Yes, when times come you mostly don't notice it yourself. The surrounders notices it and have to take action I think. My mother always kept up appearances when I came along, but someone else warned me she wasn't ok. So maybe warn the children, they are responsible for a parent.

  2. there is nothing easy about this situation. i do hope he does not hurt someone...

  3. How sad. I hope his children do something about it soon.

  4. I am glad mom decided (mostly) on her own that she should not live alone.

  5. This is something my wife's father is going through. Her mother is fine with 'whatever' but he is unwilling to give up those things that attach him to this world. Ironic because he's been a minister for more than 6oyrs and in his sermons preached about giving up those things to attain that which is 'higher'.

    My wife and I have no children and we've begun to discuss which one of our siblings or nieces/nephews we can discuss the matter of who can make the decision for us when we are no longer lucid to the realities around us.

    Very poignant subject.

    Very beautiful view from your Colorado home. I have a cousin who's house overlooks Pikes Peak and Norad in Colorado Springs