Sunday, January 6, 2013


Along about 1980 I decided to take my loose photographs and get them all into albums. Which I did. It took a very long time . These are about half of them.

Tiring of that, I bought these photo storage boxes and put what was left into categories

Then in 1999 I went back to albums, and vowed to make only one album a year

Great idea, right? Well, if I live another thirty years I am going to run out of space! What is the answer? Do I make instead, these new photo books that are offered online, since they take up less room., or do I just keep my pictures on my computer. I guess I could always make a CD and file them by year? I am at a loss. Has anyone else figured out how to organize their photos? Just asking....
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  1. i still make the old-fashioned photo albums. i've printed less photos the past couple of years since i've been blogging, but i still want something tangible to prove we were alive. :)

  2. You are very organized. I used to put the photos in albums for years, but with the digital ones, I lost the appatite. We don't print them anymore and it is a pity I think. There are too many now. To make a holiday album I find it so difficult to choose which one to add, I want them all. It is not an easy subject to solve.

    1. Thank you Marianne, and Teresa. I seriously don't know what to do? I hate to leave a ton of albums for my girls to deal with. But, I love to sit down and look back at the years. Notice I said I. I fear I am the only one who enjoys them :(