Monday, January 14, 2013

The Grasshoppers

Yesterday, in a cold miserable rain, was the Houston, Texas Marathon, which is always on our calendar. Over the last twenty years a running group from my husband's Rotary Club has participated.(my husband Tom in the yellow coat). I am afraid that the passage of time has lessened their numbers. Rich, in the green shirt was the only one that ran this year. It was always easy to spot our guys, because they wear grasshopper hats. Some of our grasshoppers (we had at one time almost triple this number)  have  run marathons around the world. Boston, Mass. and Dublin Ireland come to mind.
Phil in the black coat, along with his wife Jenna, always host a well attended after marathon party, where there is lots of good food and sore feet! Good job Rich!
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  1. Hey, what's with the lazy grasshoppers!? They certainly look fit enough to run a marathon!