Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's 2013!

It's 2013! Gosh it's hard to believe?! Every year, I figure we all search for our new calendar? I was wondering what kind you prefer.? Are you one of these people that carry around a "planner". Or do you have a calendar on your I- phone, Blackberry or I-pad? I feel sure the next generation will laugh at the thought of a paper calendar! Sorry you could be" old school" and have one with a pretty picture at the top....hanging on the wall?

I guess I am taking for granted that you even operate from a calendar? I have to have one. I actually get up every Monday morning, and review my calendar with my first cup of coffee. It's not that it is so full, its  simply that I have missed occasions because I didn't open it! Notice the squares, large enough to list things!

I like this size. It's nice a flat and fits under my phone, so I can slip it out and say. So, sorry I have an event on that day! :). Things are changing so fast! When my youngest graduated from High School. I was so proud of myself. I found the perfect party favor for her graduation party. Travel alarm clocks!She laughed at me and said "Mom" kids don't use those. Well, how do they wake up? Guess they all have alarms on their phones...I was happy that I am one to save receipts. But, I guess they have their receipts, boarding passes, etc also on their phones?.....Ever feel like a dinosaur?....Janey

I have obviously been housebound (except for a trip to see family for Christmas) with this awful cold that has lasted two weeks. I hope to get out and about in this new year ..and take a photograph....I am coming down with cabin fever!
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  1. Just wanted to let you know that every morning I look forward to starting my day with a cup of tea and your daily blog. Happy New Year.
    Ontario, Canada

    1. Thank you Nora...I like it when folks take the time to comment. My blog will get more interesting when we return to our mountain home in May. Promise! Please keep coming...Janey

  2. i like paper calendars on walls. always used a month-at-a-glance for work. i prefer not to use electronic calendars. :)

  3. I use a paper calendar on the wall in my kitchen with a weekly picture of a cat. I put all the notes on it and watch daily at it. Stef uses a digital notebook, but forgot to go to the doctor as he hadn't watched it... So I want all the appointments on the calendar again I said!