Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good Morning

You are looking at something that will be the last to be packed. Tom and I look forward to our morning coffee. Actually, I am famous for my coffee making skills. (we all know it's not my photography). Yes, really I am. I don't use an expensive coffee....just a grocery store brand...and lots of it (hate weak coffee). But, my secret ingredient is one scoop of chocolate raspberry...just a small scoop. It gives it just a hint of flavor and takes away the bitterness.

In the afternoon if we want a cup....we switch to decaf. and find these new one cup at a time makers a perfect solution (a gift from daughter #2). Do you drink coffee? Or are you a tea person.?Have a wonderful day
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  1. I drink both, but halfway the morning I need a coffee and not a weak one as you call it. A strong one which a hard to find in the US...

  2. Latte is my beverage of choice early in the morning with a group of friends at a local cafe. Since it is currently -6 degrees, not counting the wind chill factor, I think I'll pass this morning. But, then again, the car will warm up quickly. Incidentally, is the chocolate raspberry a coffee?

    1. Yes Kate. Sometimes I use a scoop of chocolate carmel coffee. They key word here is chocolate.

  3. i am drinking coffee as we speak. :) going for cup #4 now.

  4. Does Tom bang his coffee cup in the afternoon the way he does in the morning? :)

  5. Coffee and I grind my own beans!