Monday, January 28, 2013

The Printer's Tray

Yes, I are tired of seeing my "stuff". But, that is what I am in to these days...going through stuff.

How many of you had these? Printers trays filled with small trinkets. They were popular back in the 1970's, and yes, I still have mine up in the breakfast room. Will I put it up in my new home.?..more than likely not. But, it was a great idea in it's time. When you were traveling you could bring home a tiny souvenir and then put it in a little slot. They took up no room and each tiny shelf held a big memory. Mine of course is not an actual printer's tray, which  have even small little slots.

We, by the way, have come to an agreement with the buyers. Final contract will be signed today. It's a done deal. This North Texas girl is going home!
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  1. Oh my God, Janey, you bring so much memories of our past years.I know everybody had this in his livingroom. I must admit I didn't, but all our friends had one. Isn't it strange that everybody copied each other at that time. I wonder if people still do so. But I don't think you should hang it in your new home, but keep the stuff.

  2. "Stuff" like this is what life is made of...I'd hang it because of the memories. Nothing wrong with that, plus it's a part of your past. I enjoyed looking at some of the places and activities it represents.

  3. I like looking at your old stuff! Reminds me of home! I still want that cookie jar...

  4. oh, i just LOVE this tray/shelf!!! LOVE!!!

    and hooray for a closed deal! so excited for you!