Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Some of you may remember that one of the activities I do up here is cook. You need to come armed with recipes for hors d' oeuvres to be exact. I probably have three cookbooks on just that subject. Of course now you can find most anything you want to prepare online.
I made three items for a party on Sunday night. You see it was a membership party of a Repertory Theater (an excellent one) that is about 50 miles over two mountain passes from here. Tom and I have been in charge of this party for the last ten years.....and it is quite large. Sometimes over one hundred people.So believe it or not we found a couple to take it over for us (finally). Naturally I felt obligated to at least help out. These are little ham stacks with horseradish cream cheese layers. I thought they were pretty...and I was so busy that I forgot to taste one...They must have been okay because they were all gone at the end of the party.
I also made these tiny pizzas. They are easy...but time consuming. Small circles are cut out of a large flour tortillas and you stuff them into a mini muffin pan. Put a dollop of pizza sauce, a bit of mozzarella cheese and three little mini pepperonis on top. . Ten to twelve mins. in  375 degree oven and top with fresh chopped basil when the come out. They are always a hit.
Then I made chocolate fudge. They are covered up to keep my husband out of them. So with these three and some lemon squares I picked up from the bakery...I was a welcome sight.
Excuse the bad photography. I was hurry so I barely had time to snap the lens!
Do you like to cook? If so what is your specialty?


  1. You know I love to cook! My Mexican street corn dish has become a crowd favorite.

  2. I admire your cooking talents. I don't have them and I don't like cooking so much. You make some wonderful things!

  3. Those little pizzas look incredible! My husband and I both love to cook and with the heat here, we grill a lot, even our veggies! Hugs!

  4. Mmm. Ham and cream cheese and olives are one of my favorite taste combinations, so if I'd been there I would have hogged them. I'm curious about the Mexican street corn dish that Katy mentioned... The photos were so pretty. Thanks!

  5. Mmmmm! Chocolate fudge, I can totally understand why you had to cover it up, not sure if the wrap would have been enough to save it from me 😀 Yes, ten years is long enough Janey!