Saturday, June 20, 2015


It was a very pleasant evening, so we went down to Packer's for dinner. The people who opened the restaurant/ bar are from Wisconsin, but that is not exactly why the place is called Packers. More on that later.
Many of the businesses here hire young people from eastern Europe, to work the tourist season. This is not uncommon. I have met young adults doing the same thing recently in Canada, and Alaska. Packer's hired someone from Slovakia, and the young person ended up buying the business. Everything is the same...good food, friendly service, etc. etc. With one or two exceptions. See that pot stewing on the fire pit. I enquired what was in it? ...and got the reply Slovakian Goulash,
 and I am not sure that I had seen this sign before either...but I certainly agree! Sorry about the blur.

Going to take a blog break. Daughter Number 2, husband and four teenagers, are here. I am a bit busy.I barely have time to post, and certainly no time to read your blogs...which isn't fair. I will return...Janey


  1. neat place with a few new touches. enjoy your family time!

  2. Enjoy the break!

    I've had goulash on occasion. Very tasty!

  3. Looks like a good place to relax; colorful furniture.

  4. Can imagine you take a break with the family around, have a nice time!

  5. Haven't had goulash for years! Have a good time Janey.

  6. Dearest Janey,
    Of all places, who would expect a pot with authentic good goulash there?
    Enjoy your family time.